Surfers Against Sewage come up with creative Christmas ideas

December 22, 2011

Surfers Against Sewage come up with creative Christmas ideasYou wouldn’t go swimming in a cesspool and surfers don’t like surfing among trash. Surfers Against Sewage (SAS), located in the UK, decided to make the point during Christmas to venders who were leaving trash behind on beaches.  So they carefully constructed a couple of Christmas plans to get their point across.

Two years ago, a SAS campaign had volunteers collecting identifiable marine litter and mailing it back to the manufacturer.  They collected the stuff, boxed it, wrapped it and sent it off.  It was called the “Return to Offender” campaign.  The group understood that the manufacturers didn’t actually do the littering themselves, but wanted them to improve (if not actually create) anti-littering messages to their customers.  Old bottles of soda, suntan lotion and food wrappers don’t make for safe beaches.

The plethora of plastics and other litter on our beaches is not only an eyesore, but also a persistent and long-lasting danger to surfers, beach users, recreational water sports enthusiasts, and the wildlife and habitats all around the UK’s coastline.

That danger exists whether it is a beach in the UK, Bahamas, or California.

Mountain Dew Christmas treeFacebook is a wonderful venue and this year SAS decided to deliver a message to Mountain Dew UK.  The group had found 55 empty Mountain Dew bottles on the beach after the Boardmasters festival this year.  They creatively constructed a Mountain Dew Christmas tree, photographed it, and posted it on Mountain Dew’s Facebook page along with comments.  SAS supporters continued to post and comment, to get their message across.

If nothing else, SAS members are creative in getting their message out and it is a creativity that can be spread from beaches, to parks, to city streets.  While manufacturers can’t be held responsible for the litter caused by their customers, they can certainly help to create an atmosphere in which their customers want to at the very least clean up their mess and hopefully recycle the trash when possible. 

This Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa and New Years Eve, people will be discarding a ton of trash.  Most of it will make it into trash receptacles and recycling bins.  For the trash that doesn’t make it where it needs to go, think up something creative and make a statement.  After all why leave trash going to waste?

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