Silvrlining GO solar clothes are urban, chic and expensive

December 20, 2010

Silvrlining GO solar Clothes are urban, chic and expensiveSilvrlining (yes, that is the correct spelling) has several lines of clothing but the GO Collection has the added benefit of harvesting solar energy for your small electronics.  The material is an ecologically produced vegan Ultrasuede.  The company offers a choice of Stone Gray “cell” print or Olive Green “cell” print.

The GO Solar Power Collection offers a utility vest, directors jacket, Myers topper (coat), and cargo pants.  Yes, the company is out of Los Angeles and this clothing line reflects that.

go-Director-Jacket-V2-frontEach piece of clothing has between two and six pockets. The vest, topper and pants have two pockets that hold solar panel power sources.  The directors jacket holds four solar power units but comes with two.  Extra units can be purchased separately.  The cargo pants have two back pockets in addition to the two side solar pockets.

Go small panel solar power supplyThe small power units are six by eight inches, are USB 2.0 compliant and give “precise power”.  What the amount of power that is, is not given.   It looks as if various tips can be used for different devices although these days most electronics use either a micro or mini USB plug.

There is a separate solar booster panel that can also be purchased.  It plugs into the small solar panel power source and cuts charging time in half.  Again there is no mention of how much power is generated.  The booster panel does not fit in a pocket so must be carried separately in a bag.

The material used is EcoDesignUltrasuede (TM) made from recycled industrial polyester film scraps.  The recycled material uses 16 percent of the energy needed for producing virgin polyester from crude oil and produces 20 percent of the CO2 emissions.  Since no animals were harmed in the making of the fabric it is also considered vegan.

GO Utility VestThe actual design of the GO Collection involved an interesting mix of backgrounds.  Of course Sandra Garratt, Silvrlinings design director was involved, but so was Andrae Gonzalo, a Project Runway designer along with a Saville Row English tailor.  For the technical side of the clothing two MIT techies were included.

As you can imagine from the list of people involved in the design and manufacture of the Go Collection along with its eco-friendly material and solar attributes, this clothing line is expensive.  The utility vest sells for $944, the director’s jacket for $1180, the topper for $1260 and the cargo pants for $920.

For wealthy Los Angeles movie makers, these prices may be rather routine but for the rest of us, we’ll wait for the cheaper knock-offs.

Silvrlining Go Collection


All photographs and sketches from Silvrlining.

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