Finally, there’s some good news about the BP oil spill, sort of

June 4, 2010

Finally, there's some good news about the BP oil spill, sort of Well something seems to be working for BP for a change.  The containment cap that has been placed over the wellhead seem to be working.  Some of the gushing oil is actually being captured.  Yes, siree bob, BP has a drill ship collecting oil at the rate of 1,000 barrels a day.  Of course the wellhead is gushing at 12,000 to 25,000 barrels per day. 

According to The Washington Post BP finally has a containment plan that is working (minimally) to contain the spill.  Currently vents are open on the containment head allowing oil to gush out in order to prevent the creation of hydrates that caused previous attempts at containment to fail.  The vents will be closed gradually, but there will continue to be seepage around the base of the containment cap.  Until the relief well or wells are drilled this is only a stop gap measure and it leaves a lot of the gap open.

Meanwhile the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) has put together a computer model that predicts that the disaster in the Gulf has not yet begun to destroy.  According to the model, currents will carry the oil completely around Florida and up the coast of the US before it heads out into the Atlantic proper.  Most of the beaches, not to mention the marine life in the South and Southeast may be damaged beyond repair by BP’s lack of proper safety measure. 

BP’s continuing inability to completely stop the well has led to some interesting theories about the corporate persona.  Basically, Grist has characterized BP as a psychopath based on its corporate behavior.  By comparing BP’s actions to those cited by psychologist and FBI criminal profiler Dr. Robert Hare in his documentary The Corporation, BP does indeed look psychopathic:

  • Callous unconcern for the feelings of others
  • Reckless disregard for the safety of others
  • Deceitfulness, repeated lying and conning others for profit
  • Incapacity to experience guilt
  • Failure to correspond to social norms regarding lawful behavior

And to put it all into perspective, Jamie from the radio talk show SomaCow, rearranged Lady Gaga’s hit Bad Romance into the new hit Big Oilmance- a BP spill parody.  Jamie wrote the lyrics and performed it herself and did an excellent job with both.  Really, you have to hear it.  Jamie’s Oilmance pretty much captures Grist’s psychopath theory and our codependance in a nut shell.  Here is just a small sample of the lyrics.

You know that we own you..

You have no choice..

You need my oil. Bad. Bad.

We take your money

Then kill all your plants

Fish and Birds, all an oily mess

No more spring break

no more fishing trips

Meanwhile Morgan, La gears up for the 2010 Louisiana Shrimp and Petroleum Festival this September.  Bet they’ll have to import the shrimp, possibly from outside the US.

Photo from BP

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