Evatran provides a plugless solution for EVs

March 1, 2010

Evantran provides a plugless solution for EVs Evatran has developed plugless charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs).  You just pull up to the charging station and your battery starts charging.  Owners of EVs  will appreciate the simplicity and convenience of these stations.  No longer will you walk out to your car only to find you forgot to plug it in and the battery is dead. 

The charging process is called “proximity charging” by Evatran.  The EV has a permanent adaptor mounted on the car.  When the car is parked at one of Evatran’s fixed base stations, the adaptor interacts with the station and the battery is inductively charged.  No actual electricity moves between the station and the car keeping the process safe.

Evantran plugless charging Evatran’s plugless charging is currently undergoing field testing in Wytheville, Virginia.  Five electric vehicles will be field tested with the system, “three Wheego Whips, a Current from Electric City Motors and one ZENN”.  They will be driven by individuals who will use the electric vehicles as their primary car.  The town and several local businesses have agreed to participate by having the charging stations installed for the cars that will be delivered with the adaptors already mounted.

Better Place and Coulomb Technology have already partnered with universities, countries, retail establishments and other governmental entities.  Evatran is late joining the charging station race but their plugless charging stations may be game changing technology that will make Better Place and Coulomb obsolete before the EV revolution really gets into full swing. 

Of course all of that depends on how the field testing goes and how soon Evatran can start marketing the system.  Universities and governments already locked into contracts or that already have charging stations in place won’t want to sink more money into EV charging technology until EVs start really taking off.

Another consideration may be that the necessary adaptors may negate factory warranties or prevent modified EVs from using stations with plugs.  If Evantran could partner with EV manufacturers to have the necessary adaptors installed during manufacturing, then its plugless charging stations would be a no brainer.

Once Evantran’s system has been fully tested and passes all necessary hurdles, its system may be the perfect fit with EV owners for home use.  Who wouldn’t like to have a fail safe way of charging their car when they get home.  But Evantran needs to work hard to perfect its process and get it to market quickly so it doesn’t get locked out by the two front runners, Better Place and Coulomb technologies.

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