Has RCA beat Nokia to an electro magnetic charger?

January 15, 2010

Has RCA beat Nokia to an electromagnetic charger? Nokia and RCA have both been working on an electromagnetic charger.  The type of electromagnetic charger each company has been working on, harvests electromagnetic radiation waves from sources like  radio, Wi-Fi and TV signals and uses them to charge handheld gadgets.  Nokia was predicting that its electromagnetic charger would be out in 2012.  RCA previewed a prototype of its charger at CES 2010.

Back in June, Gajitz, Gadgetfolder.com and MyHPhone reported that Nokia was not only working on an electromagnetic charger but had “a prototype device that can collect up to 5 milliwatts.”  Five milliwatts isn’t enough to actually charge a cell phone battery.  Nokia’s goal was a charger that could harvest at least 50 milliwatts of energy from surrounding TV, radio, and Wi-Fi signals to top off mobile phones when they got low. 

One of Nokia’s problem is getting the technology down to a size capable of fitting into a cell phone.  Of course Nokia also has to develop electronics that use less energy than they are harvesting.  All of this technology is aimed at fitting into a Nokia mobile phone.

According to OhGizmo! and Gizmag, RCA previewed a gadget at CES 2010 that it calls the Airnergy.  RCA claims that it turns ambient energy from Wi-Fi signals into energy to recharge, mobile phones.  As can be seen in the above photo from OhGizmo!, the Airnergy is relatively small and has a cable with a mini USB connector for charging phones and other small gadgets.  The onsite RCA rep said that he had charged a Blackberry Storm from 30 percent to full in 90 minutes. 

RCA is also trying to produce a battery pack with the same capabilities that could be used in place of most mobile phone OEM batteries.  RCA’s Airnergy is expected to be available this summer for a mere $40.  Not bad.

Clearly, the technology for devices like this exists and is being refined by at least two major electronics manufacturers.  Whether it will be ready for primetime this summer is yet to be seen.

Like solar chargers, kinetic chargers and wind chargers, electromagnetic radiation chargers use free energy that is all around us.  While sitting at your favorite Wi-Fi coffee shop, you may soon be able to top off your phone battery while sipping your Mocha Latte and reading your email.

It also looks like RCA is beating Nokia to market.

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