The Pacific Ocean trash dump revisited

November 9, 2009

The Pacific Ocean trash dump revisited A growing trash dump exists in the Pacific Ocean comprised of the detritus from fishing boats and trash washed into the sea from distant land masses.  The trash has been growing yearly and has even become a subject of much study.

As stated in  an article published by Blorge in June, the trash dump is a problem for ships traveling in the Pacific.  In another article it was pointed out that the dump contains four million tons of plastic and is about twice the size of Texas. According to the New York Times this floating trash is thousands of miles from any land mass yet it  contains items that have washed into the ocean from various different cities and countries that border the pacific.

…most of it is caught in what oceanographers call a gyre like this one — an area of heavy currents and slack winds that keep the trash swirling in a giant whirlpool.

Plastic has become the biggest problem because much of it has broken down over time.  The tiny pieces of plastic are “the size of a grain of rice”, small enough to be eaten by fish.  Chemicals, like “PCBs, DDT, and other toxins”  that don’t dissolve in water are soaked up by the plastic.  Those toxic chemicals get ingested by the fish eating the tiny pieces of plastic.    Those fish are eaten by bigger fish that absorb the chemicals from the smaller fish.  Ultimately, the contaminated fish may wind up  on your dinner tables.  We already know how dangerous these chemicals can be when ingested.

Although companies like Envion would like to collect that plastic and turn it into fuel, it isn’t an undertaking that will occur anytime soon.  The plastic is collecting and disintegrating now causing problems that will need to be addressed before any attempt to collect it from the ocean in mass can be put into motion.

Hopefully, the organizations researching the Pacific Ocean dump will be able to generate solutions to the growing problem – sooner rather than later.

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12 Responses to “The Pacific Ocean trash dump revisited”

  1. robin yates:

    we are supposed to be custodians of this planet, but tragically we are obviously not !

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  4. Mafia RPG:

    No offense, but who said we are supposed to be custodians of the planet?

  5. blindLeadingNaked:

    I still have not seen any photos or any visual evidence of this bunk story. Every six months it pops up and you idiots believe it. Dumb. Just dumb.

  6. Der:

    “we are supposed to be custodians of this planet”

    Says who? Where’s my paycheck?

  7. Mr. Derp:

    If we have floating trash dump the size of Texas, could we feasibly melt it together and make a giant man-made island? :)

  8. ck:

    I’m not sure how google news feed recommended this, but you’re doing something write to become popular.

    The fourth paragraph is awful. Please edit so it looks like you put some thought into your writing.

    The first sentence is a statement, not a question. The second sentence undermines your assertion in the third (also missing punctuation), and then becomes yellow journalism for the fourth without a citation.

    Overall it’s an interesting article, things like this just lose credibility.

  9. Pliny:

    I can’t seem to find it on google earth? Anyone have coordinates, or is this just a bunch of BS?

  10. Aaron:

    In your fourth paragraph, the first sentence ends with incorrect punctuation, and the second sentence doesn’t make sense.

  11. Minkyboodle:

    You pic shows about as much trash as the backseat of my Volvo has right now.
    Show some aerial images of this place to prove it, or stop saying it is large as Texas.
    Your misleading article is misleading.

  12. Ron Johnson:

    Uh, will we find Murdoc, 2D, and Noodle there? That’s where Murdoc’s new home is.

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